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About Us

Delkron® is proud to have conquered an important space in the plastics segment in the last decades, because due to the continuous development of products and services, it has increasingly been the first option among the best professionals in this sector.

For 32 years, with engineers Ney Kaiser and João Vilazio in charge, Delkron has been   producing and developing high performance thermoplastic molding systems, with cutting-edge technology worldwide, serving the full range of use of the plastics market, with support for projects for customers, whose detailing is done by Airton Augusto.

Delkron ® products are exported to several countries, from Europe to South America.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Products with Isotherm Delkron ® technology, characterized by great thermal homogeneity (result of the design of the products and the super-conductive materials used) and the accurate heating and temperature control system (individualized and with perfect symmetry). This construction system results in faster cycles, because due to the great thermal homogeneity, the working temperature can be reduced by about 13.5% when compared to the most popular systems in the international market.

Delkron Products

They are products with high performance, resulting from the exclusive positive thermal expansion system of the resistances: the closer the equipment temperature is to the molding temperature, the greater the contact (interference) of the resistances in the heated elements (nozzles, bushings and manifolds) . Also contributing to high performance are the special shielding and the thermal drain ring set used in all resistances, and the isolated and independent temperature sensors. This high performance allows for faster temperature gain responses, greater thermal stability and lower energy consumption.


Delkron® products are designed to have a long life and easy and quick maintenance if necessary, as the temperature sensors and resistors are independent, isolated and simple to replace.

All equipment is manufactured in-house, which allows for very competitive costs and delivery times.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Delkron® products were developed with technological criteria that go beyond robustness, longevity, ease of maintenance, and simplicity of implantation and operation. They have a superior performance in the plastic injection process. It is because of this that the greater the technical rigor required by our customers' tooling, the more Delkron® products and services stand out.

Delkron® also has a highly specialized and experienced engineering department, which provides support to customers during all phases of the implantation of their equipment.

Temperature Controller for Molds | Delkron

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