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DELKRON DO BRASIL COMERCIAL LTDA founded 32 years ago with one purpose: to offer our customers an experience where they can solve their problems. We do business according to the same values.

We know that a better quality service results in customer loyalty. Contact us for more information.

Ponta Delkron Technology

Hot Chamber is a plastic injection system that provides great advantages over the conventional injection system for cold or hot channels (with internal torpedoes).

It is an equipment that properly installed in the mold, allows the injection with the total or partial elimination of the channel, at lower pressures, in less time, with less direct labor, less energy consumption, better use of the machine injection and better quality.

It is a technology widely used in developed countries. In Brazil, the pioneer in the manufacture of state-of-the-art hot runner systems was Delkron®, which has been operating in this segment since 1989. In 1992 even, Delkron®, competing with several international companies, won the "Brazilian Prize for Packaging ", due to the high performance obtained in the production of pots, lids and disposables with equipment manufactured by them.

This technology has also been used in the production of systems for injection of technical parts and engineering materials, with the same high performance.



Total Quality Delkron®

All Delkron® products are subjected to rigorous tests, guaranteeing their quality
"Burn In" test on 100% of the thermal and electro-electronic elements.
Internal control system that allows the traceability and monitoring of our products, for all customers in Brazil and abroad.

Security and trust are essential qualities when choosing a supplier. Trust and feel secure with the partnership that Delkron® can offer with its products and services:
Hundreds of systems successfully manufactured and installed, in renowned companies, from all over Brazil, Europe and other countries in Latin America.
Awards and mentions in specialized magazines.
Factory with its own headquarters in Brazil, providing permanent technical assistance and continuous supply of spare parts with fast delivery and competitive costs.
Pioneering spirit in Brazil.
Electronic catalog.
Partnership with the main manufacturers of thermoplastic resins and pigments.
High performance products, developed with superconducting thermal alloys.
System for easy operation and maintenance.
Highly qualified team formed by engineers and technicians, provide continuous service and global support at an international level.
Personalized assistance ranging from companies that have less knowledge in this area, to those already using this technology.

Delkron® Security

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